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With Kaiser Permanente, you get more than health insurance in Washington or even medical insurance in Washington. You get personalized health care that centers around you. View plan details or see our rates to discover how affordable and flexible our health plans in Washington can be.

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At Kaiser Permanente, you can choose from a variety of affordable health insurance and health coverage plans. Compare plans and find the quality coverage that works best for you and your family, whether you’re looking for individual, child, or family health insurance or health coverage; health savings account-qualified plans; or self-employed health insurance or health coverage.*

Kaiser Permanente offers health insurance and health plans, offering products from both a health insurance company and/or an HMO, depending upon where you live. Our products offer you health coverage, health care, and wellness programs all within the same health plan.

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*Unless otherwise noted, plans are offered and underwritten by Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., One Kaiser Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612. Kaiser Permanente does not provide or administer financial products, including HSAs, and does not offer financial, tax, or investment advice. Members are responsible for their own investment decisions. If a member uses his or her HSA debit card to pay for something other than a qualified medical expense, the expenditure is subject to tax and, for individuals who are not disabled or over 65, a 20 percent tax penalty. Please note that when an HSA provider pays disbursements, it does not monitor whether they are for qualified medical expenses. It is the member's responsibility to determine whether expenses qualify for tax-free reimbursement from his or her HSA. Tax references relate to federal income tax only. The tax treatment of health savings account contributions and distributions under state income tax laws differs from the federal tax treatment. Consult with your financial or tax adviser for more information.