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Choose your doctor — and change anytime

Connecting you with a doctor who suits your needs is our top priority. At kp.org/searchdoctors, you can find information on a wide range of top-notch physicians, including their education, credentials, and specialties.

You can choose your doctor from:
  • Adult medicine/internal medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Pediatrics/family medicine (for children up to 18)

Select one doctor for your whole family or a different doctor for each family member. You can also change your doctor anytime.

Many services under one roof

Most of our facilities offer a wide variety of care and services, so you can take care of several health care needs in one visit. You can see your doctor or specialist, get a lab test or an X-ray, and pick up your medications — all without leaving the building.

Manage your health — anytime, anywhere

Easily access to many Virtual Care options through kp.org or our mobile app. You can use the same virtual experience 24/7 to support in-person care at our facilities:

Virtual Care

With Virtual Care, you can get care when and where it works best. From care over the phone to in-person doctor visits, we're here however you need us:

  • Video and phone appointments
  • E-visits
  • 24/7 advice
  • Email your doctor for non-urgent issues

Online at kp.org or with our mobile app

It’s easy to access the care you need, 24/7:

  • Schedule and cancel routine appointments
  • View most lab results as soon as they’re available.
  • Email your doctor’s office with nonurgent questions.
  • Print vaccination records for school, sports, or camp.
  • Manage a family member’s health.*
  • Use tools to help manage your coverage and costs.
  • Refill most prescriptions with no charge for shipping.
Preventive care at no cost

We believe prevention plays a vital role in health care. That’s why we offer so many resources to help you stay healthy and happy, and avoid getting sick.

To catch problems early, we offer preventive screenings, routine appointments, and more. Your electronic health record plays a key role in this, tracking the services you get and reminding your doctor when you’re due for care. No matter which Kaiser Permanente plan you choose, there’s no cost for most preventive care services.

Getting care away from home
If you get sick or injured while traveling, we can help you get care. We can also help you prepare for travel by checking if you need a vaccination, getting you a prescription refill before you leave, and more. Just call our 24/7 Away From Home Travel Line at 951-268-3900 or visit kp.org/travel.

Healthy resources

Take advantage of a wide range of convenient tools to help you stay well — from health classes at our locations to personal support from a wellness coach.

Health classes: Choose from many classes and support groups offered at our facilities.

Healthy lifestyle programs: Our personalized online programs can help you lose weight, reduce stress, quit smoking, and more — at no cost to members.

Wellness coaching: Our wellness coaches will work one-on-one with you to help you achieve your health goals — at no additional cost to members and with no referrals needed.

Special rates for members: Get reduced rates on a variety of products and services, like gym memberships and massage therapy through ChooseHealthy™.

Online wellness tools: You can find health calculators, podcasts, recipes, fitness videos, and more at kp.org/livehealthy.

*Due to privacy laws, certain features may not be available if they’re being accessed on behalf of a child younger than 18. Your child’s physician may also be prevented from giving you certain information without your child’s consent.

Outside the United States, dial the U.S. country code "001" for landlines and "+1" for mobile before the phone number. Long-distance charges may apply and we cannot accept collect calls. This phone line is closed on major holidays.

Classes vary at each Kaiser Permanente facility and some may require a fee.

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