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  • California 1-800-464-4000
  • Colorado: Denver/Boulder 1-303-338-3800
  • Colorado: Northern 1-844-201-5824
  • Colorado: Southern 1-888-681-7878
  • Colorado: Mountain 1-844-837-6884
  • District of Columbia: Metro area 1-301-468-6000
  • District of Columbia: Outside Metro area 1-800-777-7902
  • Georgia 1-888-865-5813
  • Hawaii: Oahu 1-808-432-5955
  • Hawaii: Outside Oahu 1-800-966-5955
  • Maryland 1-301-468-6000
  • Oregon: Portland 1-503-813-2000
  • Oregon: Outside Portland 1-800-813-2000
  • Virginia 1-301-468-6000
  • Washington: Vancouver/Longview area 1-800-813-2000
  • Washington: Outside Vancouver/Longview area 1-800-358-8815

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    • When would you like your plan to start?

    Thank you for your interest in Kaiser Permanente. We are currently updating our system and are not able to process your application. Please check back with us tomorrow. Our plans are also offered through the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace at www.healthcare.gov or by calling 1-800-318-2596.